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Psychoanalytic Studies is a vibrant interdisciplinary field that has grown dramatically over the past 30 years, connecting psychoanalytic theories and techniques of the unconscious and the dynamic affective dimension of human subjectivity to fields as diverse as film theory, cultural studies, aesthetics, literary criticism, ecology, gender studies, social and political theory, and philosophy. As well as providing psychoanalytical insights into these domains, allowing fresh and creative perspectives, psychoanalytic studies opens up psychoanalysis to a broader world, exploring these wider social impacts on the psyche and on psychoanalysis itself.

Here are the websites for courses taught by Dr Joseph Dodds, PhD, at Prague Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, the University of New York in Prague, and the Anglo-American University. Included are powerpoint presentations, readings, video, audio, and additional resources for the courses: Psychoanalysis and Society, Psychoanalysis and Art, Neuropsychoanalysis, Social Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Living in Social and Political Crisis, Psychology of Art, Psychology of Environmental Crisis, and Screening Desire/Projecting Anxiety: Psychoanalysis of Film. More courses and more teachers are due to be added to the materials at the PCPS. See this page for updates.

NEW! Weekend courses in psychoanalysis open for all: The next course will be held the weekend of September 1-2, 2018 at the Prague Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies. Courses include a foundation in psychoanalysis, as well as certificate courses in specialised applied areas including art, film, society, climate change, clinical psychoanalysis, and neuropsychoanalysis. See here for details of this and future courses. All those interested should contact dodds [at]


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